Upcoming Events

Coming soon: Rainy Day Campaign

Rainy Day Campaign

More information coming soon!

Future Events: TBD

Flex & Flow: A Dance Party Stretch Class

For women only, ages 12 and up. 

The purpose of this class is to reconnect with our bodies in a low-pressure environment. We will dance freely to explore where we experience pain, tension, or restricted movement, and follow simple guidance to address it.  The emphasis will be on enjoyment of the experience and modifying all suggestions to your personal needs.

  • Fire Nights: Quiet byob evenings
  • Poetry Nights: Open “No” Mic, byob
  • Open art studio sessions: Afternoon inspiration
  • Game nights: board, card, physical
  • ABMP CE Social: Local Edition! for professional therapists
  • Stretch and Roll: Classes for Pain Relief

Past Events

open art studio March 17, 1:30 - 4:30 pm. BYOM: bring your own materials

Open Art Studio – BYOM

Calling all artists of all kinds!  With the last day of Spring Break bringing bummer weather, come get some inspiration and socialization under cover at our first Open Art Studio!  It’s BYOM: bring your own materials, so no matter what kind of materials you use, if you can bring them, please do.  If the rain isn’t too intense, we have lovely places to sit on the porch as well as indoors.

All ages are welcome (little ones must be able to keep their hands off others’ artwork and avoid running indoors)

COST: Free! *Bring your own materials*

Community Clean Up: Gordy Road. March 2

Community Clean Up: Gordy Road Edition

Let’s get to know our neighbors, get a little movement in our day, and get our neighborhood cleaned up!  Meet me at The Massage Cottage and we will start walking up Gordy from there.  I’ll bring lots of gloves and bags, you bring comfortable shoes 😉

  • *Kids & dogs welcome*
  • Send suggestions in San Leon for our next clean up