Holistic Medical Massage

Medical Massage addresses any kind of diagnosed dysfunction PLUS:

  • is based on observable and quantifiable outcomes
  • uses techniques proven through scientific research
  • progress is measured, documented, and tracked over time
  • may or may not include a doctor’s prescription for specific techniques

Holistic Massage addresses your specific discomfort or disease PLUS:

  • considers the whole system of parts and how they are affecting each other
  • addresses posture, repetitive movements, range of motion and other functionality
  • adapts the approach to meet the needs of the whole individual, both body and mind, especially for mental health issues and/or trauma
  • incorporates healing techniques from many different schools of thought, east and west, ancient and groundbreaking
Holistic + Medical = Rapid and long-lasting pain relief

You shouldn’t have to choose just one type of therapeutic bodywork.
You deserve (and probably need) many!

H+F’s Holistic Medical Massage incorporates ALL of our certified techniques, combined into a custom fit massage for each individual client. These include:

    • Myofascial Release (relieves tension & pain)
    • Trigger Point Therapy (releases muscle knots)
    • Deep Tissue and Swedish massage
    • Medical massage & injury rehab
    • Prenatal & Postnatal massage

Together, these practices directly target local problems and pain in soft tissue and accelerate healing for both acute and chronic issues. They also improve overall well-being including circulation, blood pressure, lymphatic drainage, skin tone and mental wellness. There is simply no more powerful combination!

Clinical pain-relief that feels like a visit to the spa

Every client gets VIP treatment at this tiny seaside oasis and is offered
optional luxuries at no additional cost!

    • Thermotherapy
        • heated hydraulic table
        • hot towels
        • hot stones

    • Cryotherapy
        • ice massage
        • cold stone eye treatment

    • Customization for each individual
        • full body postural assessment
        • additional bolstering for comfort
        • personalized aromatherapy

For those seeking a complete day spa experience…

We also have pampering add-ons available including:

      • hand, foot, and facial treatments
      • body skin serums
      • dry brushing